ATAP is carried out through the work of regional teams, which self-organize based on concentration of theatrical activity and the particular needs of a given area, whether a city, county, state, or region.

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Gulf Coast

Baton Rouge | Team Leader: Travis Hedges Williams
Austin | Team Leaders: Russell M. Dembin and Christine Gwillim


Baltimore | Team Leader: Jason Rubin
Washington, DC | Team Leader: Lara Szypszak


Ohio | Team Leader: Nora Blackman
Twin Cities | Team Leader: Kathryn Hujda
Central Illinois | Team Leader: Ann Haugo


Boston | Team Leader:
Connecticut | Team Leader: Susan Brady
New York City | Team Leaders: Tanya Elder and Noreen Whysel
Philadelphia | Team Leader: Michael Kaufmann


Northwest | Team Leaders: Monica Cortés Viharo and Andrew Ryder


Atlanta | Team Leader: Caitlin Reeves
| Team Leaders: Pat Finelli and Lillian Manzor
North Carolina | Team Leader: Adam Versényi

South Central

Kentucky | Team Leader: Amanda Dawson


Southern California | Team Leader: Katie Turner