For Team Leaders and Members

  • Starting a New Regional Team
    A how-to guide for starting a new ATAP regional team and suggestions on what to do next.
  • ATAP Initiation Program
    The ATAP Initiation Program places an archivist-documentarian team with a theatre company to assess records of historical value and formally establish archives.
  • Glossary of ATAP Terms
    Explanations of frequently used terms by ATAP members.
  • ATAP Internship Description and Model Agreement (DOC)
    The ATAP Training Committee has created these documents to help ATAP teams in their work with student interns.
  • Area Inventory Form (DOC)
    Use this form to compile general information about team volunteers, theatres, and archives in your area.
  • Theatre Contact Spreadsheet¬†(XLS)
    A useful template for ATAP Teams to track their contacts with local theatre companies and organizations.
  • Instructions for Making¬†Group Calls on Skype
    Sometimes bringing team members together from across a region is incredibly difficult. Don’t let that stop you from meeting regularly! Skype is free, allows you to have video and audio chat, and can also allow you to share material on your computer screen.

Suggestions for other Regional Team resources? Send them along!