The American Theatre Archive Project is working to include more of its training and advice workshops online. Stay tuned to this page for video resources that can help you get your records in order.

Training Videos

  • Why Archive Theatre? A Call to Action
    The records that a theatre company generates and collects in the course of staging productions are of immediate value to scholars, grant-makers, board members, and the theatre companies themselves. This archived Facebook Live chat explores reasons why you as a theatre company or artist should consider archiving your materials, and introduces you to the American Theatre Archive Project and the resources that are available to help you. Broadcast live on March 27, 2017.
  • What Do You Have? Assessing the Collection
    In part two of our video series on archiving theatre records, we’ll talk about assessing the existing records of a theatre company or artist, and interviewing relevant staff to figure out how items are created, how they’re used, and where they’re kept. Posted on May 31, 2017.

Public Workshops

  • Preserving Performance: An Archive-Making Guide for Theatre Artists
    After a show closes, how do you handle and store materials can mean the difference between preserving theatre legacy and irreversible damage and loss? This workshop from ATAP’s New York Team introduces theatre artists to the process of archiving their work, with tips on selection, storage and preservation.Featuring Claudia Wilsch Case, Tanya Elder, Noreen Whysel, Medicine Show Theatre Ensemble (actor David Elyha and tech director Richard Keyser), The Living Theater (artistic director Brad Burgess) and HERE Arts Center (producing director Kim Whitener). Recorded October 7, 2016.