The work of preserving theatrical legacy is significant and we are aided in these efforts through the support of a number of organizations and individuals who share our commitment.

The American Society for Theatre Research founded ATAP in 2009 as an outreach project to preserve theatre archives. In 2013, ATAP became a permanent part of ASTR and formalized its Steering Committee of six members serving staggered three-year terms. In 2014, ASTR began allocating part of its annual operating budget to help cover ATAP’s administrative expenses.

Partners of ATAP are organizations that contribute at least $500 toward ATAP’s annual administrative costs. Representatives of partner organizations can serve on ATAP’s Advisory Board. Subsidizing ATAP’s operating cost promotes artistic longevity and has educational value (a stipend often goes to students, who will be the next generation preserving the legacy of local performing arts companies).

Funders of ATAP are organizations that have made grants to support the ATAP Initiation Program in non-profit theatres through the work of regional teams. To date these have included:

Donors to ATAP lend their support through voluntary monetary contributions at their convenience and discretion or in response to ATAP’s annual appeal.

Endorsers of ATAP are organizations that officially support ATAP through publicity, in-kind support, and other non-monetary means. Endorsers are listed on ATAP’s website, and representatives of Endorser organizations may serve on ATAP’s Advisory Board.